Faculty Honored by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Sargent College Dean and Professor Christopher Moore and Assistant Professor Jennifer Zuk were honored by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for their contributions to the professions of speech-language pathology and speech & hearing science.

Moore received the Honors of the Association, the highest award ASHA bestows, for his distinguished contributions to the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. This award recognizes individuals whose contributions have been of such excellence that they have enhanced or altered the course of the professions.

Moore has been dean of Sargent College since 2014, and his research focuses on the physiologic foundations of speech production, very early motor development of speech, disorders of speech motor control, and customized quantitative methods for measurement and description of speech-related phenomena. His areas of expertise also include orofacial motor control, respiratory physiology, speech acoustics, infant-directed speech (“parentese”), motor development, sound localization, and acoustic and physiologic signal processing.

He was previously named an ASHA Fellow.

Zuk was honored with the Early Career Contributions in Research Award in acknowledgement of her significant scientific accomplishments less than five years after receiving her PhD.

Director of the Communication and Neurodevelopment Lab, Zuk studies factors in early childhood that shape the trajectory of speech, language, and reading acquisition. She aims to facilitate positive outcomes for children susceptible to neurodevelopmental disabilities. Her research employs behavioral and neuroimaging tools with children from infancy through school age to study associations between the brain and speech, language, and reading abilities, as well as environmental experience such as music.

Moore and Zuk will be formally recognized at the 2021 ASHA Convention in Washington, DC this November.