Post-Professional Online Doctor of Occupational Therapy Class of 2024 Student Presentations

Congratulations to our post-professional online doctor of occupational therapy class of 2024, who successfully completed their doctoral presentations on April 8, 2024. A complete list of student presentations is below. 

2024 PP-OTD Student Presentations

Student: Sarah Mickel, MS, OTR/L
Presentation Title: EmpowerED: Elevating Early Childhood Educators for Student Success 
Academic Mentor: Lauren Telesmanic 

Student: Paula Ram, MS, OTR/L
Presentation Title: Supporting Transformation and Resilience (The STAR Program): An Occupation-Based Health Promotion Program for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma Raising a Child with a Disability 
Academic Mentor: Karen Jacobs  

Student: Reggie Mendoza, OTRP 
Presentation Title: Therahan: Empowering Filipino Parents, Guardians, Care Partners, and Grandparents of Children with Special Needs in their Homes through a Hybrid Telehealth Training Program 
Academic Mentor: Karen Jacobs   

Student: Natalie Saccoccia, MS, OTR/L 
Presentation Title: Empowering Children with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Through Horse Connection in Occupational Therapy 
Academic Mentor: Dori Hutchinson  

Student: Lindsay Fitzpatrick, MOT, OTR/L, CSRS, CBIS  
Presentation Title: Caring for the Care Partner: An Individualized Training Program to Increase Care Partner Preparedness for Discharge Home 
Academic Mentor: Nancy Doyle  

Student: Davie Nicolas, OTR/L 
Presentation Title: OTopia Program: Amplifying the Impact of OT in Older Adult Residential Care Through Occupational Justice 
Academic Mentor: Amy Lamb 

Student: Sarah Yoder, OTR/L 
Presentation Title: Motivate Culture Change: A Website Empowering Occupational Therapy Practitioners to Become Leaders in the National Long-Term Care Culture Change Movement 
Academic Mentor: Vanessa Grijalba  

Student: Benita Kumar, OTR/L 
Presentation Title: START OT: Successful Tips to Apply Regarding Telehealth Occupational Therapy  
Academic Mentor: Karen Jacobs   

Student: Kellianne Arnella, MS, OTR/L 
Presentation Title: Evolve OT: An Alternative Service Delivery Model to Improve Access to Care for the Adult Neurological Population 
Academic Mentor: Amy Lamb  

Student: Josephine Wong, MAOTR/L, CHT 
Presentation Title: Hand Therapy with Evidence Based Practice 
Academic Mentor: Craig Slater  

Student: Samuela Kallogjeri, OTR/L 
Presentation Title: The Sensory Diet Center Program: Incorporating SDC into Classroom Daily Routines to Help Children in Sensory Regulation and Enhance Their Mental Health and Well-being 
Academic Mentor: Colleen Whiting 

Student: Marcia-Lisa Dennis, MSc, OT Reg (NS)  
Presentation Title: Capped–Closing off the School to Prison Pipeline: An Anti-racism Workshop for Educators to Reduce Suspensions of African Canadian Learners 
Academic Mentor: Karen Jacobs