Infant-Toddler Augmentative and Alternative Communication Program

Infants and toddlers with complex neurodevelopmental conditions often experience significant speech-language delays and frustration when their needs are not met. The goal of the infant-toddler augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) program is to provide timely AAC supports for infants and toddlers with complex disabilities to increase functional communication.

We offer evaluation and intervention services for infants and toddlers, aged 0-3 years old, with complex neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our program is designed for clients who experience sensory-based (vision or hearing differences) or motor-based neurodevelopmental disabilities and a delay in speech-language milestones.

All services are delivered by a BU graduate student clinician in the MS-SLP program. All students are closely supervised by a faculty member. Services are provided at no cost. Donations are welcome.

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If you are interested in scheduling, please contact Katie Nerlino at

If you are interested in program information and have questions regarding referrals, please contact Deirdre Galvin-McLaughlin, MS CCC-SLP at