Degree Requirements

For those following the  curriculum (class of 2022 and after), please review the Sargent Hub page as well as the BU Bulletin for specific degree requirements.

To obtain a bachelor’s degree, students must have completed a minimum of 128 credits of coursework to meet the expected requirements. There are 13 courses required for this joint degree, including a minimum of five courses in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences (SAR) and five in Linguistics (CAS).  These include:

1. A basic introduction to linguistics, to be taken before all other CAS LX courses, and a basic course in Communication Disorders, to be taken before all other SAR SH courses:


2.  One course in phonetics (select either of the following):


3. Two additional core courses in Linguistics


4. Two additional core courses in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences


5. One course in language acquisition (select any of the following):


6. Two additional courses in Linguistics

Chosen from CAS LX courses at or above the 300-level, in consultation with an advisor

7.  One additional course in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences (select either of the following):


8. One of the following two courses:


9. One additional elective from 5, 6, or 7 above.

Prerequisites for Students Interested in Graduate School

Students planning to apply to graduate programs in Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology should include the following five courses as part of their undergraduate curriculum:


As well as one of the following: