Student Testimonials

Holly Nusser

The education in the MS program is holistic and comprehensive, with an emphasis on skill building and understanding how to use the current scientific literature to inform clinical judgement. The nutrition program through Sargent College offers great opportunities for student involvement, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have a job through Sargent to enhance my experience. The professors demonstrate a strong desire to help students grow, and I have always felt supported in my education! The faculty spend time getting to know my interests and learning style so that they can provide me with experiences that will help me meet my long-term goals. The program allows for valuable real-world experiences through both the graduate practicum and dietetic internship, and I am so grateful for the professional connections that I have been able to make in both the BU Sargent and greater Boston communities.

Yarisbel Melo Herrera

My experience in Sargent College, specifically the MS+DI program, was exceptional. The high quality and rigor of the courses and the unparalleled care and support from the faculty helped me expand my professional and interpersonal skills to successfully become a registered dietitian and get accepted into a doctoral program. With several hands-on opportunities outside the curriculum, such as research involvement, clinical volunteering, and teaching assistantships, students can broaden their graduate education experience suited to their post-graduation goals. I am incredibly proud to be an alumna of the MS+DI program.