Earn While You Learn, Opportunities for Graduate Nutrition Students

We are pleased to offer a variety of positions within the Nutrition programs for our graduate students to earn money to offset cost-of-living expenses. Beyond the monetary benefits, these positions offer invaluable experiences for our students to closely engage with our faculty and their work.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are included in decision letters at the time of acceptance. Students who commit to enroll in one of our programs and accept the offer to work as a GA, will be asked to complete and submit a skills survey.  Using this information, the Program Director matches GAs with faculty for the upcoming academic year.

Up to ten incoming graduate students may be selected each year for GA positions. Each will serve a 1‐year term that runs from September through May of the academic year. GAs are paid weekly, $3,000 in total, for their work (5‐ 6hrs/week).  In some cases, there will be an option to renew for an additional year.

Of note, GAs will be evaluated two times during their appointment: after the fall semester and after spring semester (end of their appointment). If it is determined during the evaluation process that the GA is not meeting expectations and/or professional standards for the position at the fall evaluation, the student may be terminated from their GA position. A replacement for the final semester of the GA appointment will be sought among another graduate student currently in the program.

Other Paid Positions

Once you have made your decision to attend Boston University and have submitted your deposit, you will be invited to apply for other paid positions within our Nutrition programs.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Each year, there are several Teaching Assistant (TA) positions available for incoming and returning graduate students. TAs support faculty in a variety of ways. Many TAs have the opportunity to engage directly with students and build mentorship and leadership skills over the course of the semester. Positions range from 1-6 hours per week. The Program Director will work to match graduate students interested in TA positions with openings based on academic history, interests, meeting times/days. Students who are, or will be, entering their Dietetic Internship will be excluded from working as TAs except with permission of the DI Director.

Student Social Media Intern

One graduate student each year is selected to act as our programs’ Student Social Media Intern. This position works on all of our Nutrition social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in conjunction with the Program Director, Dietetic Internship Director, and the Sargent College Director of Communications. The student is expected to work 8‐10 hours/week. The Social Media Intern will serve a term of 1 year, September 1 through August 31.

Graduate Nutrition Student Ambassadors

Incoming graduate students who have completed an undergraduate degree at Boston University and returning graduate students are eligible to apply for positions as Graduate Nutrition Student Ambassadors. Ambassadors support faculty efforts to serve prospective students and incoming students in a variety of ways, including attending open house and information sessions, answering queries from the website, responding to phone calls, emails, etc. Ambassadors positions are 4 hours per week.

Paid Positions, Boston University

Graduate Resident Assistantships

Incoming and returning students may apply to be a Graduate Resident Assistant (RA) in housing facilities at Boston University. Restrictions apply. Compensation usually includes your room and may include meals and living expenses. Visit the Residence Life website for important information and application deadlines.

Graduate Assistantships, Fitness and Recreation

Graduate Assistantships through BU’s Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance are great positions for students in our Nutrition programs. These positions are highly coveted and allow graduate students to take advantage of partial tuition remission and earn a stipend while working in a fun, challenging, and rewarding environment.

Visit the FitRec website for important information and application deadlines.

For more information about financing your degree, including federal loans, work study, and scholarship opportunities, visit our graduate financial aid page.


Review our FAQs or contact Jasmine Samuels, Assistant Director of Graduate Financial Aid. Jasmine serves as the liaison between our graduate students and the BU Financial Assistance office.