BU MS + BIDMC DI Partnership

Program Overview

The BU MS degree program has a pre-select partnership with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Dietetic Internship (DI). Students enrolled in this program will first complete their MS in Nutrition at BU, followed by a DI at BIDMC. Learn more about the BIDMC DI.

Unlike the standard MS+DI program at BU, which takes 16 months to complete, the BU MS + BIDMC DI partnership program is a 22-month program. Enrolled students will begin their BIDMC DI in September (rather than June) following the completion of the MS curriculum. In addition, enrolled students are responsible for all BIDMC costs associated with the DI.

As with all other students admitted to the MS+DI program, we’re pleased to guarantee at least $10,000 in merit scholarship for this partnership program, to be applied to the MS tuition costs at BU.

For a brief introduction to this unique pre-select partnership program, we encourage you to view this pre-recorded webinar presented by Marijane Staniec (Senior Lecturer, BU) and Julie Robarts (Dietetic Internship Coordinator, BIDMC):

View Webinar

Program Structure

Fall Spring
Year 1 MS coursework at BU
(17 credits)
MS coursework at BU
(16 credits)
Year 2 Begin Dietetic Internship at BIDMC in September Complete Dietetic Internship at BIDMC in June

How to Apply

Prospective students interested in this partnership program should follow the standard pre-select application instructions. In addition, applicants for this program must:

  • Within the application, select “Yes” when prompted as to whether you want to be considered for the BU MS + BIDMC DI partnership program.
  • Applicants must also tailor their personal statement to address their interest in the BU MS in Nutrition, as well as the BIDMC DI.

Selected students are admitted simultaneously to the BU MS + BIDMC DI.


If you have questions about the BU MS + BIDMC DI partnership program, please contact Marijane Staniec.