Student Testimonials

Danica Garvin

Sargent College’s MS in Nutrition is the ideal program for students who are eager to interpret nutrition research and collaborate with like-minded peers to relay nutrition information to the public. The curriculum provides foundational courses, including biostatistics and metabolic regulation, that enable students to take the material learned within the classroom and apply such concepts when reading scholarly nutrition journals and writing a thesis of one’s own. There are ample opportunities to concentrate in areas of interest, whether it be presenting a “Ted Talk” to fellow classmates or writing a research paper regarding a compelling nutrition-related headline in the news. The MS in Nutrition truly provides individuals with the opportunity to take control of their educational path – whether it be a more clinical focus, proposing a randomized controlled trial and participating in a practicum site at a research hospital, or a community focus, proposing an observational study and participating in a practicum site at an outpatient clinic. Regardless of which path a student takes, enthusiastic faculty are readily available to provide their insight and support to ensure success. When choosing Boston University for graduate education, you are not only embarking on an opportunity to expand your intellectual knowledge, you are beginning an opportunity to grow as a clinician or researcher that approaches new ideas and challenges with an open, informed mind.

Juliya Hsiang

My experience with BU’s Nutrition Program at Sargent College was transformative and integral to my professional and personal growth. My initial inclinations that the program was a close-knit yet academically rigorous community was proven right over-and-over again from the application process all the way until graduation. I was challenged in the best way possible over the course of my time at BU, and it was truly such a special time to refine and grow in many ways. I hold so much appreciation for the interplay of how the faculty fostered such reputable expertise and sincere compassion. They genuinely mentor and care for their students in a way that prepares us to go into the field with both hard and soft skills.

Aside from learning many valuable subject areas (such as biostatistics, nutrition epidemiology, and metabolic nutrition), one of my favorite courses of all time was the “Eating Disorder (ED) Treatment and Prevention” elective course taught by Dr. Paula Quatromoni. I have never seen this elective offered at other institutions before, and it was such an informative course with a wealth of rich content and guest speakers. Dr. Quatromoni recognized the dire need for future nutrition professionals to become well-versed in this important topic, and I appreciate her willingness to make it happen, as there is not much readily-available training in EDs within the standard Registered Dietitian training. The class was not only influential by its content, but it powerfully reminded me of my “why” behind pursuing a career in Nutrition. My “why” stems from personally witnessing the powerful art and science behind food throughout my lived experiences. I appreciate the wide breadth of the nutrition field that can address both biochemical and social determinants of health. The act of eating is both a metabolic and emotional process, and I aspire to support others in their journeys of holistic recovery in the future. I hold such a genuine passion and respect for the nutrition field and am thrilled to continue my journey of hopefully becoming a Research Professor and RDN. To say that I am grateful that BU has been part of my educational journey would be an understatement.