Coursework & Degree Requirements

By the time of graduation from the bachelor’s degree program, and as a condition of entry into the School of Public Health, students must have successfully completed the following core courses for the MPH program, according to the SPH Grading Policy.

These 16 credits of graduate-level School of Public Health coursework will be completed in the last two years of undergraduate study and applied to both the BS and MPH degrees:

Course Planning

Once accepted into the BS/MPH program, students are required to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Education and/or with Assistant Director of Advising at the School of Public Health to plan their public health courses. Proactive planning is essential for timely completion of all MPH requirements. The tentative schedule of courses should then be reviewed with the student’s undergraduate faculty advisor at Sargent College.

At the completion of the BS degree requirements (128+ credits) at Sargent College, the Bachelor of Science degree will be awarded. At the end of the fifth year or a minimum of 32+ additional credits of SPH coursework, the Master in Public Health degree will be awarded.

Careful planning and full-time enrollment can result in students’ receiving the MPH after a total of five years of study, rather than the usual minimum of five-and-a-half years. Students may complete the MPH degree on a part time basis if desired.