Front facade of Sargent College, Boston University
Photo by Janice Checchio

Sargent College is celebrating a record-breaking fundraising campaign this fall. With the support of alumni and friends, the college raised more money during the Campaign for Boston University than it had over its entire history prior, taking in more than $29 million.

“Every program, every faculty member, and every student at Sargent has felt the impact,” says Dean Christopher Moore. “We could not have done any of this without the help of so many who have given so much throughout the campaign.”

The Campaign for Boston University: Choose to Be Great, BU’s first-ever comprehensive campaign, launched in 2012 with a goal of $1 billion—later adjusted to $1.5 billion—and concluded in September 2019. The impact of the funds raised has been far-reaching.

“New endowed professorships have enabled us to recruit and retain top-notch faculty whose research is defining best practices. We have renovated our facilities, creating state-of-the-art learning environments. And scholarship support has opened our doors to talented students who otherwise could not afford to attend BU,” says Moore. “Now, more than ever, we can prepare our students to be leaders in the health sciences around the world.”

Just a few examples of the progress made possible by the campaign:

Groundbreaking research conducted by endowed professors. New research at Sargent’s Intensive Cognitive and Communication Rehabilitation program found that after 12 weeks of intensive treatment, young adults with acquired brain injury showed significant improvement in areas from classroom behavior to quality of life. The study is a first step in evaluating what type of rehab will enable these young people to return to higher education.

Preparing tomorrow’s professors. Support for faculty and programs provides the education PhD students need to become faculty members at leading research universities. Fellowships enable the most talented of those students to choose Sargent.

Evidence-based treatments that transform lives. More than 100 students living with mental health conditions have graduated from NITEO, an intensive one-semester program in Sargent’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. It gave them wellness tools, academic skills, and newfound resilience.

Scholarships for International Service Learning. All students, regardless of their financial circumstances, have the opportunity to travel overseas on service learning trips. Recent destinations have included Thailand, Peru, Belize, and India, where students have supported diabetes clinics, blindness screenings, health and hygiene workshops, and more.

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