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National Aphasia Association: An Interview with AVM Survivor Mary Borrelli

(April 2014) BU Aphasia Resource Center client and stroke survivor Mary Borrelli shares her recovery journey: I was a participant in the pilot program called “Intensive Aphasia Program” at Boston University. One day a graduate student came to talk to us about the Aphasia Lab at Sargent College at BU. I... More

ESPN: A Race to Remember

(4/15/14) ESPN profiles several key individuals from the 2013 Boston Marathon, including SAR's Devin Wang: "She ran into the bomb zone with a wheelchair, simply hoping to help, unaware that her journey out would be captured in a photograph that became a symbol of courage and survival to the world." View full... More

BU Today: BU Volunteers at 2013 Marathon Vow to Return

(4/15/14) SAR students Antigone Matsakis, Phil Welsh, and Ray Levy along with Clinical Associate Professor Mark Laursen and Larry Venis featured on BU Today for their volunteer work at the Boston Marathon. View full article.  

Boston Globe: BU Dance Team Wins Its First National Title

(4/16/14) The Boston University Dance Team including SAR senior Michaela Main won its first-ever national title at the National Dance Alliance (NDA) Collegiate Championships. View full article. What’s on Your Boston Marathon Menu?

(4/16/14) Featured blogger Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake asked top sports dietitians - including SAR alum Adam Korzun - for their advice on how to fuel a runner’s body. View full article. Should You Follow a Gluten-Free Diet?

(4/16/14) Featured blogger Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake discusses recent research on the specific effects of gluten. View full article.

Fox News: BU Volunteers-Turned First Responders Contribute to This Year’s Marathon

(4/8/14) "Some of Boston University's physical therapy and athletic training students worked at the medical tent on the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. The group expected to deal with sore muscles and maybe hypothermia, but they ended up responding to much, much more." View full article.

WFXT: Healthy Food Options Offered at Fenway Park

(4/4/14) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake interviewed on View video. Is Your Dinnerware Making You Fat?

(4/9/14) Featured blogger Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake shares the science behind the "eat more" illusion. View full article.

Daily Free Press: Students Run Marathon on Goodwill Team

(4/8/14) "Three Boston University students will be participating in the Boston Marathon April 21 as members of Goodwill’s Boston Marathon Team in support of Goodwill’s Youth Initiative. Sargent College of Health and Sciences fifth-year doctoral student Nicholas Wendel is coaching SAR student Carolyn Harper, also a fifth-year physical therapy doctoral... More