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Have a question for a specific department within Sargent College? Contact us using the emails or phone numbers below.

For admissions questions, please email the Sargent Academic Services Center.

Departmental Contact Information

Academic Services Center
Phone: 617-353-2713 | Email ASC Office

Alumni Relations
Phone: 617-353-2286 | Email Development and Alumni Relations

Behavior & Health Program
Phone: 617-353-2729 | Email Administrator

Health Science Program
Phone: 617-358-5477 | Email Administrator

Human Physiology (Undergraduate Pre-Med and Graduate Programs)
Phone: 617-353-2718 | Email Danuta Charland

Nutrition Programs
Phone: 617-353-7488 | Email Roberta Durschlag

Occupational Therapy Entry-Level Programs
Phone: 617-353-2729 | Email the OT Office

Occupational Therapy Post-Professional OTD Program
Phone: 617-353-7516 | Email Program Director Karen Jacobs

Physical Therapy & Athletic Training Programs
Phone: 617-353-2720 | Email Amanda Guarino

Rehabilitation Sciences PhD Program
Phone: 617-353-2703 | Email Program Director Gael Orsmond

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Programs
Phone: 617-353-3188 | Email Administrator