Boston University offers numerous opportunities to be involved in intramurals. SAGE began sponsoring intramural teams in the fall of 2014.

Summer 2017 Sign Ups are Live

Indoor Soccer:

Fall 2016

Bubble Soccer: Co-rec
3-on-3 Basketball: Open
Flag Football: Open
Floor Hockey: Co-rec, Men
Outdoor Soccer: Co-rec, Men
Volleyball: Co-rec, Men

Summer 2016

Softball:: Co-Rec & Men’s

Spring 2016

Basketball:: Men’s (“Balsamic Vinaigrette”)
Broomball:: Co-Rec (“Ice Quakes”)
Soccer:: Co-Rec (“Barely Legal”) & Men’s (“Formerly Inshape Allstars”)
Softball:: Co-Rec & Men’s
Volleyball:: Co-Rec & Men’s

Fall 2015

Soccer: Co-Rec (“Obe-One Kanobi-Nil”) & Men’s (“Crispr FC”)
Flag Football: Men’s (“SAGE”)
Bubble Soccer: Co-Rec (“SAGE”)
Volleyball: Co-Rec (“Harry Setters and the Deathly Volleys”), Men’s (“The Empire Spikes Back”), & Women’s* (“van der Balls”)
  *Joint with GWISE!
5-on-5 Basketball: Sign up here!

Summer 2015

Soccer: Co-Rec (“Bits, Please!”)
Softball: Men’s (“Cummington Clobberers”) & Co-Rec* (“Scared Hitless”)
  *Joint with GWISE!

Spring 2015

Basketball: Men’s
Broomball: Co-Rec
Soccer: Men’s & Co-Rec
Softball: Men’s
Volleyball: Men’s & Co-Rec

Fall 2014

Basketball: Men’s
Flag Football: Men’s AA & Men’s A
Soccer: Men’s & Co-Rec
Volleyball: Men’s & Co-Rec

All participants should be familiar with the Intramural Policies: