Fall 2017 Landsdowne Social

August 29th, 2017

The fall semester is finally here, so we wanted to remind you that we are hosting the SAGE Landsdowne/Bill’s Bar Welcome (Back) Social next Thursday, September 7th. The event will take place at Bill’s Bar and Lounge from 7PM until 10PM, with appetizers and free drinks for SAGE members. Following the event, there is live DJ that comes into the Bar, as well as live band karaoke next door at the Lansdowne Pub, so stick around and get to know your fellow engineers even better.

Itinerary: We have Bill’s Bar reserved for SAGE for the event. Food will be available from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. SAGE members will be able to get two drink tickets upon arrival, and can request more for as long as they are available after 8:30 PM. You will need to bring a valid photo ID (e.g. liscence, passport), as they will be checked at the door. New students should stop by the Graduate Programs Office to get their SAGE sticker before the event, as we will be checking for it when handing out the drink tickets. Guests are welcome, but will need to purchase their own drinks