Climate Survey Results


Date: October 15, 2019
To: Boston University Students, Faculty, and Staff
From: Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Subject: Results of AAU Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct

This past spring, we invited Boston University students to take part in a climate survey on sexual assault and sexual misconduct organized by the Association for American Universities (AAU). This survey was designed to assess student perceptions of BU’s campus climate and knowledge of University resources related to sexual misconduct. By utilizing the same survey as the other AAU universities, we are also able to compare our survey results to those of our peer universities. We invite all community members to explore the results, which are publicly available on this website.

Among BU’s highest priorities is providing a safe, healthy, and nondiscriminatory environment for all members of our community. While we have taken a number of steps in recent years to raise awareness of this issue and to reduce the rate of sexual misconduct in our community, we know that we still have progress to make to achieve our goal of a harassment-free community. Our participation in the 2019 AAU survey is one part of this ongoing commitment.

The data provided in this report are new, and further analysis is needed. As anticipated, the survey results demonstrate several areas where Boston University has room for improvement, while also identifying some areas where we’ve made tangible progress. Over the coming weeks, we will be working to further analyze the data and their implications, and coordinate with colleagues across the University to determine appropriate next steps.

We will also be holding a pair of panel conversations on the Charles River and Medical Campuses on Wednesday, October 16 to discuss the survey results and the path forward. These conversations are open to all members of the BU community, and we invite everyone to come and ask questions, share concerns, and discuss potential solutions for this important issue on our campuses.

This is a sensitive and deeply personal topic for many, and we want to thank all of you who took the time to participate in the survey. Creating a safe campus environment and a culture of respect is the shared responsibility of all members of the BU community. This must continue to be among our highest priorities.

Survey Results