BU Statement on Drug- and Alcohol-Related Medical Emergencies and Judicial Sanctions

The illegal use or abuse of alcohol or drugs can be hazardous to students’ health and safety as well as an impediment to academic and personal success. The University is, above all else, concerned for the safety and well-being of all members of our community; therefore, the University addresses all reported violations of the University’s alcohol and drug policies, including notifying the parents of undergraduate students of alcohol- and drug-related incidents, if necessary.

At Boston University, student health and safety are paramount. The University recognizes that alcohol or drug consumption may create medical or safety emergencies in which the potential for University disciplinary action may deter students from seeking assistance for themselves or others. In these situations, we strongly encourage students to act with their own and others’ health and safety as the primary concern.

When the University learns of a student’s illegal possession or use of alcohol or drugs as a result of that student’s seeking medical assistance for him or herself, or another person, that student ordinarily will not be subject to University disciplinary sanctions for possession or use of that substance so long as the student completes all education and counseling programs recommended by the University. We are committed to the use of education and treatment approaches because, in our experience, education and/or treatment for individuals who receive emergency medical attention may reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

When there is a question of sexual abuse or assault in a situation involving alcohol or drugs, the student who was sexually abused or assaulted is not subject to discipline under the University’s alcohol and drug policies.