Everything you need to know about the CAS Language Requirements

All CAS students have to show proficiency at the fourth-semester level or higher in a language other than English.  The Department of Romance Studies regularly offers courses through at least the fourth semester in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  The Department of World Languages & Literatures (World Languages & Literatures)  offers full course sequences in nine different languages for fulfillment of this requirement; still other courses may be found in African Languages, Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, and Latin. (American Sign Language is a special case; see Q and A below.)

Students who have previously studied a language outside of Boston University must take a placement exam before enrolling at BU so that they can be placed at an appropriate level. The French, Italian, and Spanish Placement Exam may be taken online. Please contact the WLL/RS Information Office at (617) 353-2642 for further help.

CAS Language Requirement Q & A