Declare a major or minor in Romance Studies

There are two independent steps for declaring a major or minor in Romance Studies.

Step 1 – CAS Students

To change/add your major/minor for any of the following:

  • French Studies
  • Italian Studies
  • Portuguese & Brazilian Cultural Studies
  • Spanish

Complete the:

Step 1 – Non-CAS Students

If you are a student in a college other than CAS, you should follow the instructions from the advising office of your own college for declaring or changing a minor.

Step 2 – All Students

Register your new major or minor with the Department of Romance Studies by filling out this short form (except for Linguistics programs – see below). You will receive an email with your advisor information.  Please submit one form per major or minor.

For Linguistics: Please notify the Linguistics Program by using the form here, instead of the form noted above.

If you wish to meet with an unofficial advisor to answer questions about the major or minor, you can request a temporary advisor by emailing the Senior Staff Coordinator.

Major and Minor Requirements & HEGIS Codes

Please see the list below for information on major/minor requirements and the associated HEGIS codes. In some colleges, you will need to know the correct HEGIS code in order to complete the paperwork to add or change your minor.