Welcome (back) to BU!

We want to share with you our most up-to-date information about LfA and Romance Studies courses.

When you are in the beginning stages of learning a language, it can be really helpful to see the other person’s facial expressions and especially their mouth. It is also very important that you be able to clearly hear what the other person is saying. Masks and social distancing make this difficult.

All Romance Studies courses numbered 111-212 will meet on Zoom for the bulk of their regular classes. These hybrid courses will offer in-person encounters scheduled throughout the semester for those opting for on-campus instruction.  Your instructor will provide you with more information about in-person activities for your language/level and how to sign up for them.

Courses numbered 300 and above run the gamut from theme-based advanced language proficiency to graduate-level seminars, and guide students to a range of learning outcomes. Students in these courses should consult with their instructors directly for more detailed information about their LfA options.

Please check this page regularly for updates. We are excited to see you soon and wish you the best as you continue to plan for your Fall semester.