Photo of Juan-Pablo Cardenas

Part-time Lecturer in Spanish

Juan-Pablo Cárdenas is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. He received a PhD in Latin American Studies and a Master’s in Hispanic Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on Animal and Plant Studies, Andean and Amazonian Cosmologies, and Ecofeminist and Posthumanist theory. He has also received a Master’s of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware. Before coming to BU, Juan-Pablo taught language, literature, and translating courses at the University of Pennsylvania and Visual Art and Design courses at the University of Delaware. He has also worked as a teacher in Colombia and Costa Rica. As a teacher, Juan-Pablo aims to create an animated classroom environment to make language acquisition and cultural studies enjoyable. Besides teaching, Juan-Pablo enjoys gardening, jogging, birdwatching, reading, and attending concerts of many kinds of music. He loves spending time with friends and family, especially with his dog Raki.