Flyers on Upcoming RS Courses


LF 442/642 Writing (Beyond) the Island An examination of literary and filmic narratives on Francophone islands.

LF 462 Mapping French Film Situates the major movements of French cinema in a wide global context that spans from colonization to climate change.

LF 487/687 Memory & Monument An interdisciplinary study of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral as an iconic cultural touchstone and lieu de mémoire or “site of memory.”


LI 313 Italian Media & Popular Culture Italian print, visual, and digital media, and their impact on Italian culture and society.

LI 386 Fascism & the Holocaust in Italy A study of bigotry, racism, and bystander complicity in Fascist Italy.


Our full range of Portuguese classes on one flyer!


LS 306 A1 Spanish Through Translation:  Viajando Entre Culturas An introduction to translation theory and practice. Approaches to various types of written and audiovisual texts.

LS 306 B1 Spanish Through Translation:  Techniques of Literary Translation. Translation of a variety of texts – stories, songs, speeches – from and into Spanish.

LS 307 B1 Spanish Through Literature & the Arts:  Puerto Rican Soul An exploration of Puerto Rican language and culture through literature, music, art and film!

LS 308 C1 Spanish Through Film & New Media:  Cinematic Representation of Childhood Explore Hispanic Coming of Age Films and their representation of childhood in relation to war, physical & mental violence, national history and other themes.