Financial support is a critical piece of planning for graduate school. At Boston University, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the support you need to succeed in your studies.

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, the Romance Studies Department, and other university sources provide support for tuition and living expenses during the academic year and also for student travel and research. All students admitted to a doctoral program in Romance Studies will be awarded a Doctoral Fellowship; students apply for the other means of support described below as needed.

Academic Year Fellowship Support

Research & Travel Funding

Summer Support

Additional Information

Further information on fellowships and other financial matters can be found on the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences website:

Please note that students in the terminal MA programs are not eligible for most forms of financial support. However, students are welcome to apply for the doctoral programs, which include the option to receive an MA en route to the PhD, directly after completing their bachelor’s degree. Students in a doctoral program are eligible to receive financial support while working on the MA portion of the doctoral program.