Portuguese & Brazilian Cultural Studies

The study of Portuguese–and the minor in Portuguese and Brazilian Cultural Studies–are your gateway to a vibrant culture and to the unique film, literature, music and art of the 260 million people of the Lusophone world.

Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language, and is spoken on four continents: Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. It is the official language of  Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tome and Principe, Macau, the Portuguese island of Madeira, and the Azores.  It is also widely spoken, though not official in Goa, Andorra, Luxemburg, Paraguay, South Africa, and Namibia.

Portuguese is the third most widely spoken European language after English and Spanish. It is also the working and/or official language in important international organizations (the African Union, The Community of Portuguese Language Countries, European Union, Mercosul, the Organization of American States, the Organization of Ibero-American States, and the Union of South American Nations. In addition Brazil is the leading industrial and economic power of Latin America and numerous scientists consider it to have the greatest biological  diversity in the world

Our courses and our frequent departmental events—featuring film, literature and the arts—will help you develop a better, more complete understanding of Latin American history, culture and literature as well as the traditional importance of Portuguese in Massachusetts.

All of our language courses develop your Communicative skills: speaking, listening, reading, and wri­­­ting while introducing you to the rich culture of the Lusophone world.

If you’ve already studied Spanish, you may be eligible for our new course, Portuguese for Spanish Speakers, CAS LP 231. This course will build on your Spanish skills and prepare you for advanced courses.  We also offer an Intensive Elementary Portuguese course: another way to get a head start on completing the full two-year sequence.

At the 300 (fifth-semester) level, we offer courses on film, culture, and a special course on Portuguese for Business that will prepare you for communicating in the workplace.

The Minor in Portuguese and Brazilian Cultural Studies (6 courses) draws on Boston University’s strength in European and Latin American Studies. You will take language and culture courses in Portuguese and chose from a variety of related courses in other relevant departments. You can declare your minor here.

Many of our students study abroad. With approval from your advisor you can count those courses toward the minor. Together with Study Abroad we will be happy to advise you on a program and an internship that suits your needs.

Our Ph.D. program in Hispanic Language and Literatures offers a variety of courses and graduate seminars relating to the Lusophone world. For information, please write Prof. Rodrigo Lopes de Barros.

Questions about our courses in language and culture? Please write Dr. Célia Bianconi.

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