Cinema & Media Studies

The Cinema & Media Studies Program (CIMS) at Boston University offers students a rigorous and comprehensive education in the history, aesthetics, theory, formal practices, and sociocultural dimensions of moving-image media. CIMS has both a Major and a Minor for undergraduate students, and offers graduate coursework open to students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The program is housed administratively in the Department of Romance Studies, but works with departments across the College of Arts & Sciences to include courses from many different disciplines, such as Sociology, Classics, English, Philosophy, and more.

The study of film aids in deepening a student’s interaction with and understanding of the culture(s) attached to the language they are studying here at BU. The Department of Romance Studies understands and celebrates this partnership – we have faculty members in all 4 languages who teach film classes at the 300-level and above. Both our faculty and graduate students have researched and published on film related topics. Additionally, our French graduate students organize an annual Francophone film festival.