Gonzalez-Arias Publishes 2 Translations

Francisca Gonzalez-Arias has translations of two short stories by Cristina Rivera Garza that will be published later this year.

The first is “Autoethnography with Another” (“Autoetnografía con otro”), which will be published by Dorothy:  A Publishing Project, in a collection of short stories by Rivera Garza. The second is “Dream Man” (El hombre que siempre soñó”), which will appear in the October issue of Freeman’s Magazine.

Gonzalez-Arias tells us:

“I first started reading Cristina Rivera Garza many years ago when at a conference at Brown University, the late Mexican author Carlos Fuentes noted that she was one writer of the younger generation to watch.

“El hombre que siempre soñó” was one of the first stories I read, and it appealed to me for many reasons, –its themes, like the mixing up of gender roles and violence against women. Its use of myth and fantasy also reminded me of an earlier Mexican writer, Elena Garro. I have assigned the story in courses on Latin American Women Writers.”

Gonazalez-Arias is a long-serving part-time Spanish lecturer in the Romance Studies Department.