Dusewoir Leads Walking Tours

Did you know that our very own Senior Lecturer Liliane Duséwoir is one the 18 professors that BU hosts on campus as Faculty-in-Residence, and that she won the 2019 Award for Outstanding Service to Residence Life ?

In her role, she designs programs that provide students with a residential experience that is interdisciplinary, innovative, and meaningful. She dedicates 3 hours weekly to meet with her 60+ RAs and 2000 residents, and she also sets up one larger interdisciplinary event every semester.

To be engaging, these events have to strike the right balance between didactic and recreational. And this year, given the sanitary measures, Liliane decided hold her weekly hours in the form of guided outdoor walks every Wednesday afternoon. She very astutely used the zoom dial-in option when groups were larger so that everyone could talk to each other without having to yell. She held 12 walks and a total of 55 residents walked with her, met each other and discovered the city together. They explored murals, outdoor poetry, sculptures and architecture: on MIT campus, Central Square, Back Bay, Commonwealth Mall, Beacon Hill, Chinatown, Cottage Farm District, Coolidge Corner and more.

For her larger interdisciplinary event, Liliane designed a challenge for the students staying on campus during the Thanksgiving break: “The Selfie-Hunt Challenge”. A series of 4 self-guided trails in Boston, of 3 to 4 miles, with trivia about the city and either a selfie to submit in front of a site or an answer to provide to a crafty question. An extraordinary total of 80 students signed up and 27 loops were completed.

You can view a slideshow of the selfies submitted by the students for the Thanksgiving Break project.