Mathieu Interviewed About Professional French Class

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September 30th, 2020

Photo of Lionel MathieuLionel Mathieu, Lecturer in French, was recently interviewed by the French embassy in the United States about his course on French in the international affairs professional realm. Lionel developed the course after participating in the iFos program run by the French embassy, which is a program designed to train French instructors in the United States in developing classes in French for professional purposes.

Lionel says of the iFos training:

“I think the most valuable insight that I’ve gained is to always frame the content and delivery of the material with a professional angle to it. Working from a backward design, where you start from the end goal and subsequently decompose the necessary steps for students to achieve that goal, was extremely beneficial and rewarding for students (and instructors alike!).

The full interview is available on the website of the French embassy.