Battalion Activities

Drill Team

The Drill Team is a group of midshipmen that develops skills in areas ranging from stationary movements, marching, and rifle movements to inspection knowledge and general inspection bearing. The purpose of the Drill Team is to develop bearing, discipline and teamwork through training and participation in drill competition. The Drill Team competes at local military excellence competitions against other ROTC units in Trick Drill, Platoon Drill, and Squad Drill.

Color Guard

The Unit maintains a Color Guard to present and keep the colors. During ceremonies, the Color Guard presents the flags of the United States, the Navy, and the Marine Corps, and is flanked by two rifle-bearers. Serving in the Color Guard leaves a midshipman better trained and disciplined, with additional respect from fellow midshipmen. The Color Guard participates in various civic and sporting events throughout Boston

Sailing Team

All midshipman are afforded the opportunity to become qualified sailors Learning to sail is an important skill that increases midshipman’s maritime knowledge through gaining firsthand experience of how tides, currents, and wind affect vessels at sea. The Boston Consortium hosts the Terrier and Beaver Cup Regattas, in the fall and spring respectively.

Military Excellence Competitions (MECs)

Military Excellence Competitions are tournaments involving drill competitions, basketball and soccer tournaments, relays and swimming events, as well as individual Ironman athletic challenges between different ROTC units. Destinations include Holy Cross, Cornell and Villanova. These are a great chance for healthy competition and to build camaraderie.

Military Balls

Twice a year midshipmen gather to celebrate service with a night of upscale dining. In the fall Midshipmen and guests celebrate the sea services with the Navy and Marine Corps Birthday Ball. In the spring, in conjunction with the Army and Air Force ROTC units, midshipmen and cadets celebrate the Joint Service Ball.

Pass in Review

In the fall, Midshipmen gather with Army and Air Force Cadets for a Pass-in-Review, a ceremony centuries old. This is a chance for students to showcase skills in drill and military bearing in front of friends, parents and guests of honor.