Surface Warfare Officer (Oceanography)

To qualify for the Oceanography Option, candidates must possess a physical science, engineering or mathematics baccalaureate degree. Candidate academic backgrounds must qualify for a minimum Academic Profile Code (APC) of 323 as established by the Naval Postgraduate School (minimum 2.2 GPA, C+ or better average in calculus series, and a C+ or better average in calculus -based physics series.)

All candidates, including those participating in the MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Program, must select Surface Warfare (1160X), serve an initial Division Officer Afloat tour, and qualify as a 111X before redesignation as a 180X in accordance with MILPERSMAN 1212-010, paragraph 3e.

Midshipmen selected for this option may elect not to redesignate into the 180X community, but remain in the Surface Warfare community after they attain warfare qualification.

Upon redesignation to 180X, officer incurs a minimum service obligation of 2 years from date of designator change to be served concurrently with any other obligations.