The Collaboratory is made up of a diverse group of BU faculty, researchers, and students and Red Hat practitioners. We work across different disciplines, collaborating to advance research and learning in emerging technologies.

Learn more about us below.

  • Sina Aminmansour

    Dr. Sina Aminmansour is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc. who has been working as a computer vision consultant for the ChRIS Research Integration System (ChRIS) project.

  • Ian Ballou

    Ian is a senior computer engineering undergraduate student at BU. He is a member of the HIL and M2 Mass Open Cloud teams and is currently working on integrating M2 into Foreman for Red Hat.

  • Robert Baron

    I administer the MOC OpenShift clusters that are used in the Radiology in the Cloud project.

  • Azer Bestavros

    Azer Bestavros is the Founding Director of the Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University. He is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences and holds affiliated appointments in Electrical and Computer Engineering and in Systems Engineering.

  • Hugh Brock

    Hugh Brock is the Director of Engineering for Boston University Research Initiatives at Red Hat, coordinating Red Hat’s research collaboration with BU and other universities worldwide.

  • David Cantrell

    David is a software engineering manager in Red Hat’s Platform Engineering department where he works on both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Linux.

  • Máirín Duffy

    Máirín “Mo” Duffy is a principal interaction designer at Red Hat who works on user experience issues for the ChRIS/Radiology project as well as assists with the design and editing of this website!

  • Jeremy Freudberg

    Jeremy has been involved with Mass Open Cloud as an intern since 2016, participating in nearly every MOC project at some point.

  • Douglas Fuller

    Douglas Fuller has worked in various areas of scalable and high-performance computing for over 10 years and currently works on the Ceph scalable storage system at Red Hat.

  • Ravi Gudimelta

    Ravi is a software engineer passionate about the scheduling and resource management aspects of distributed systems and cloud computing. Ravi currently works on Kubernetes at Red Hat and helps the ChRiS project run smoothly on OpenShift.

  • Mohammad Hossein Hajkazemi

    Mohammad Hossein Hajkazemi is a Ph.D. candidate working under Prof. Desnoyers supervision at Secure Storage Lab, Northeastern University. He collaborates with the Mass Open Cloud (MOC) as a researcher, working on caching solutions for BigData applications in data centers.

  • Steven Huels

    Steven is a Senior Manager in the Red Hat AI Center of Excellence with responsibility for Red Hat’s common analytics platform; Steven and his team are interested in applying emerging advanced image manipulation techniques to the ChRIS platform.

  • Chloe Kaubisch

  • Orran Krieger

    Orran Krieger is the lead on the Massachusetts Open Cloud, Founding Director for the Cloud Computing Initiative (CCI) at BU, Resident Fellow of the Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering, and a Professor of the Practice at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Boston University.

  • Huzefa Mandviwala

    Huzefa is a rising senior studying Computer Engineering at BU, currently working with the Monitoring team as part of the MOC RedHat collaboratory.

  • Dan McPherson

    Dan McPherson is a Senior Principal Software Engineer working for Red Hat on OpenShift since 2011 and serves as the Red Hat lead participating in the ChRIS project as well as assisting with ChRIS’ usage of OpenShift.

  • Urvashi Mohnani

    Urvashi is a recent graduate from Boston University who now works on the Red Hat Containers Team. She contributes to the ChRIS project.

  • Amin Mosayyebzadeh

    Amin is a Ph.D. student at Boston University. His research interests are cloud computing, distributed systems, and parallel computing. He is currently working on the Bolted (Secure Cloud) project and Keylime project.

  • Kristi Nikolla

    Kristi leads the Mix & Match project and manages the authentication system. He is a core developer of the OpenStack dentity service (Keystone) and provides OpenStack and Python expertise in day to day operations of the MOC.

  • Brett Niver

    Brett manages the Ceph Engineering team within the Red Hat Storage group. He’s worked in the storage industry for 11 years, and was previously at EMC in architecture and product development.

  • Gideon Pinto

  • Dan Radez

    Dan Radez is a Sr Engineer in the OpenStack team at Red Hat working on integration efforts between OpenStack and Ansible Networking on the Hardware Isolation Layer (HIL) project.

  • Bill Rainford

    Bill Rainford is an Engineering Manager & Senior Principal Software Engineer working for Red Hat on OpenShift since 2015. He has been involved in the development of CI/CD and Continuous Productization efforts in the Systems Design Engineering Organization. Bill is a contributor to the ChRIS efforts and is passionate about applying A.I. and Machine Learning to problems in the healthcare space — particularly in the area of childhood cancer research.

  • Ali Raza

    Ali is interested in ways in which Linux kernel can be reused to create application specific unikernels.

  • Parul Singh

    Parul is a software engineer in the Office of the CTO at Red Hat. She is currently leading Red Hat’s effort on scaling ChRIS using OpenShift. Parul’s research lies in AI, ML, NLP, Big Data, Distributed Systems, and Cloud Computing.

  • Jennifer Stacy

    I get to do a little of everything! My role is focused on project management and support on administration including but not limited to budgets, reporting, and communications.

  • Lily Sturmann

    Lily is working with the tracing team, researching dynamic tracing and instrumentation of distributed systems.

  • Sage Weil

    Sage originally designed Ceph as part of his PhD research at the University of California, Santa Cruz and co-founded Inktank in 2012, serving as CTO. He now works for Red Hat where he continues to lead the Ceph development community.

  • Ric Wheeler

    Ric works at Red Hat as the senior director of Red Hat’s Storage Engineering team and a past director of file and storage kernel engineering.

  • Chris Wright

    Chris Wright is vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) at Red Hat.


Listed below are past participants in the Collaboratory:

  • Emilio Garcia

    Emilio is currently working with the Collaboratory as a software engineer for the ChRIS Research Integration System (ChRIS) project.

  • Lohith KN

    Lohith is a graduate student from Northeastern University. He contributes to the mixmatch project.

  • Christopher Liao

    Christopher’s research interests are machine learning, high performance computing, and embedded systems. He is currently involved in writing parallelized image plugins for ChRIS.

  • Ata Turk

    Ata Turk is a research scientist in the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC), leading the big data and healthcare analytics efforts in MOC. He is leading the ChRIS and the CICI Trustworthy Computing in the Cloud NSF projects. He is also a contributor to the D3N and Cloud Dataverse projects.

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