Request for Proposals — Fall 2022

The Red Hat Collaboratory will be hosted an information and networking event about the proposal process on Friday September 9, 12pm – 1:30pm ET in the Hariri Institute Conference room (MCS157), 111 Cummington Mall, Boston, MA. See the video and information below for information on the MOC Alliance and the Proposal Process.

The Collaboratory seeks to define and demonstrate an open model for large-scale reproducible systems research in achieving a future of secure, reliable, scalable, self-operating, distributed, heterogeneous compute platforms that stretch from edge devices to cloud datacenters.  We seek proposals from qualified researchers in three categories:

  • Large-scale projects: [total cost < $500,000] These are highly visible projects involving multiple faculty and students, together with a Red Hat business unit.
  • Small-scale projects: [< $150,000] These projects explore a more focused element of the Collaboratory goals within a researcher’s area of expertise, and include collaboration with at least one Red Hat engineer.
  • Speculative projects[< $75,000] These are speculative, fundamental research, or Mass Open Cloud Alliance (MOC Alliance) projects designed to initiate a collaboration.

Projects should generally focus on problems of distributed, operating, security, or network systems whose solution shows promise for advancing their field and impacting industry.  Proposers are encouraged to review previous awards to get a sense of the types of systems research that the Collaboratory supports, and to note related existing or planned federal proposalsAny software developed by the projects must be available under an open source license and all results should be made publicly available (for example, through publication).

We anticipate that many researchers do not have established connections with Red Hat business units and engineers.  PIs are encouraged to contact  the Collaboratory team at for help in connecting to Red Hat participants.