BU Systems (BU♺S) Seminar

Join us Fridays from 12:30-1:30PM for the BU Systems Seminar

  • In Person: Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science and Engineering, 111 Cummington Mall, Room 157 (MCS157)
  • Zoom: Meeting ID 962 0513 9788 (passcode in link)
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  • Mailing list:  (Google group for seminar updates)

The BU Systems Seminar seeks to bring together systems researchers in academia and industry in a forum for discussing design, implementation, analysis and applications of computer systems at various scales. Researchers are invited to present their own work or other significant efforts at the state of the art in operating, distributing, and networking systems and system architectures, of the type typically presented at conferences such as SOSPOSDINDSSUSENIX Security, and NSDI.

Lunch will be provided, when permitted by BU COVID guidelines

Contact: Ari Trachtenberg, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Schedule (Spring 2022, check back regularly for speaker updates)

  • May 13:  Ruoyu “Fish” Wang, 30 Years into Scientific Binary Decompilation: What We Have Achieved and What We Need to Do Next, Abstract and Bio.
  • May 6:  Tommy Unger, Abstraction, Programmability and Optimization, .
  • April 29: Marco Serafini, Graph data systems: transactions, mining, and learning, Abstract and Bio.
  • April 22: Anam Farruk, FlyOS: Integrated Modular Avionics for Autonomous Multicopters, Abstract and Bio.
  • April 15:  Burak Aksar (Boston University), Diagnosing Performance Anomalies in HPC SystemsAbstract and Bio.
  • April 8, Golsani Ghaemi, The Memory Wedding Problem, Abstract and Bio.
  • April 1, Mania Abdi, Customization of general-purpose cloud platforms. Abstract and Bio.
  • March 25: Ari Trachtenberg, Autopsy of a Scientific Death?  Automated Exposure Notification for COVID-19. Abstract and Bio.
  • March 18: Vasia Kalavri(Boston University), Open discussionAbstract and Bio.
  • March 4:  Renato Mancuso, From Memory Partitioning to Management through Fine-grained Profiling and Control.  Abstract and Bio.
  • Feburary 25:  PhD Student lightning talks II.  Abstract and Bio.
  • February 18:  PhD Student lightning talks I.  Abstract and Bio.
  • February 11:  Han Dong (Boston University), Slowing Down for Performance and Energy: Building An OS-Centric Model of Network Applications, Abstract and Bio.
  • February 4:  Dan Schatzberg (Meta, formerly Facebook), IOCost: Block I/O Control for Containers in Datacenter, Abstract and Bio

Past Events (Fall 2021)

  • December 17: Ali Raza (Orran Krieger’s group), Unikernel Linux, Abstract and Bio
  • December 10: Alan (Zaoxing) Liu, Can Sketch-based Telemetry be Ready for Prime Time?, Abstract and Bio
  • December 3: John Liagouris, Secrecy: Secure collaborative analytics on secret-shared data, Abstract and Bio
  • November 19: Anthony Byrne (BU – Ayse Coskun’s group), MicroFaaS: Energy-efficient Serverless on Bare-metal Single-board Computers, Abstract and Bio
  • October 29: Novak Boskov (BU – Ari Trachtenberg’s group), GenSync: A Unified Framework for Optimizing Data Reconciliation, Abstract and Bio
  • October 22: Mert Tosali (BU – Ayse Coskun’s group), Iter8: Online Experimentation in the Cloud, Abstract and Bio
  • October 15: Udit Gupta (Harvard & Facebook), Designing Specialized Systems for Deep Learning-based Personalized Recommendation, Abstract and Bio
  • October 8: Ari Trachtenberg (BU), Some big problems of simple systems, Abstract and Bio