Tech Talk: Why consider a career as an SRE?

Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University Tech Talk

Mike Saparov

Senior Director of Engineering,Red Hat Service Reliability Team

Why consider a career as an SRE?


What do SREs actually do? And why do they get paid so much? :)

Service Reliability Engineering (SRE) team was originally created at Google to manage their massive infrastructure. According Google’s SRE page, SRE is what you get when you treat operations as if it’s a
software problem. So why suddenly is every organization – from Red Hat to AWS to Bank of America and TicketMaster – interested in SREs and SRE culture? Hint: it may be related to a technological shift
brought by containers and kubernetes.

About the Speaker

Mike Saparov is a Senior Director of SRE @ Red Hat. He joined Red Hat as part of CoreOS, where as a VP of Engineering he oversaw development of CoreOS Linux, etcd, and Tectonic, the first immutable
Kubernetes distro.

Prior to that Mike was an engineering executive at a number of Silicon Valley companies, founded his own
startup, wrote compilers, and did research on High Performance Computing at Stanford.


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