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BU's RCRResponsible Conduct of Research training is offered at two levels. Follow the appropriate link to complete your RCR requirement:

  • Undergraduates and master's candidates must complete RCR-specific CITI training (an online course).
  • Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers need to first complete RCR-specific CITI training (an online course) before enrolling in four advanced RCR workshops.
  • Select departments offer alternative advanced RCR programs for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. If you were informed of an alternative RCR program by your program, please reach out to your department administrator for details.

Check your training status: You can download the latest RCR status reports from Sharepoint (Kerberos log-in required).

About RCR Trainings

Who is Eligible

  • Any BU student or postdoctoral researcher in the sciences or engineering is free to enroll in RCR at their level.
  • Some students and postdoctoral researchers are required by their graduate program or their PIPrincipal Investigator View Boston University's policy on... to enroll in RCR.
  • Some students and postdoctoral researchers are “covered individuals” who are required by NSFNational Science Foundation or NIHNational Institutes of Health to enroll in and complete RCR. These trainees will be informed by their PI to enroll.

Timeline for Completion

  • Timely completion is defined as the completion of RCR training within two years of requirement notification.
  • In unusual and special circumstances, you and your PI may petition Research Compliance for exceptions to the above completion requirements.

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