Welcome to Environmental Health & Safety Training at Boston University. BU Environmental Health & Safety (EHSEnvironmental Health & Safety) is comprised several divisions, each of which offers extensive training and resources to the Boston University and Boston Medical Center communities. The programs are designed to promote safe practices in the workplace while also fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Research Safety Training

The Research Safety Division provides training on a frequent basis which encompasses many different topics as they apply to specific laboratory spaces and the types of work being conducted. For additional information concerning Research Safety, please visit the Research Safety page.


Medical Physics & Radiation Safety Training

Radioisotopes Training

All individuals who will work in or frequent any area where radioactive material is used or stored must receive radiation safety training. Discussion topics include the concept of ionizing radiation; units of radioactivity and radiation; the biological effects of radiation; maximum permissible exposures for workers and the general public; measurement and control of radiation; radiation survey and detection techniques; radiological emergency response procedures; radioactive waste disposal; safe radioactive material handling techniques; delegation and authority for regulatory compliance; and requirements of the campus radiation safety program.


Laser Safety Trainings

All individuals who will work with or frequent any area where Class 3b or Class 4 lasers are used must receive Laser Safety Training. Training is available online via BioRAFT. Departments may periodically schedule in-person training sessions to accommodate a larger number of laser users.




Other Medical Physics & Radiation Safety Trainings



Campus and Clinical Safety Training


Controlled Substance Training

Environmental & Waste Management Training


Emergency Management Training