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Research Update – September 2021

As of September 2021, we are no longer requiring Research Recovery Plans or personnel lists for the return to on-campus research. PIs are still responsible for ensuring their research personnel comply with all BU health and safety requirements, including vaccination and testing.


Updated September 2021

What restrictions remain in place for research spaces at BU?

All research spaces are permitted to operate at full (100 percent) capacity, with the following conditions:

  • Masks will continue to be required in research labs and administrative spaces.
  • All research personnel need to be vaccinated.
  • All research personnel need to complete daily attestations.
  • PIs are also responsible for ensuring their personnel are in the appropriate testing categories. In MyBUworks, managers can change testing categories from Category 4 to Category 1, 2, or 3 for individuals who will be coming to campus after an extended absence. Students manage their own testing category but they should be prompted to update their category assignment if they will be working on campus.

Do I need to continue updating my research recovery plan and personnel list?

No, plans and personnel lists no longer need to be updated.

What restrictions remain in place for visitors?

As visiting researchers join labs going forward, including visiting students and visiting faculty or research scholars, PIs are responsible for ensuring they are compliant with BU health and safety protocols, including regular COVID-19 testing and the vaccination requirement. Short-term visitors, including research subjects, vendors, or technicians who are on campus briefly, are now simply required to follow BU mask-wearing requirements, as well as municipal, state, and federal regulations. As Provost Morrison and Gary Nicksa shared in their August memo, the more restrictive visitor policy instituted last year is no longer in effect.

If you have recurring research-related visitors who do not fit into either of these categories, please contact the Office of Research at as soon as possible to ensure your visitors are in compliance with campus safety policies.


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