In support of building streamlined, simplified and compliant ways of supporting the research enterprise, we are bringing together representatives from across the research intensive schools and related Central offices to create an engaged and impactful BU research administration community.

Council Goals

  • Discuss process improvement, training, communication
  • Help identify issues and areas for improvement, both locally and centrally
  • Share insights, guidance and feedback
  • Actively work together to develop solutions
  • Disseminate information discussed at Council
  • Engage and develop the university wide research community

Next meeting: September 18, 2017

Resources for Council Members

Find meeting agendas, notes, additional information and follow ups from discussions on our council-member page.

Council Members

Executive Sponsor

Gloria Waters, Vice President & Associate Provost for Research


Diane Baldwin (Associate Vice President, SPSponsored Programs (SP) is the coordinating office for all p...)


Marla Krauss (Proposal Development Specialist, Dean’s Office)
Michael Gooley (Grants Administrator, Chemistry)
Cynthia Bradford (Proposal Development Specialist, Biology)


Kate Petcosky (Director, Office of Proposal Development)
Aline Hillman (Administrative Director, Pulmonology Center)
Nancy Clinton (Administrative Director, Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute & Vascular Biology)
Solaris Bujor (Financial and Administrative Director, BUSM Financial & Grants Administration)


Vivian Holmes (Director, Sponsored Research)


Jennifer Marron (Assistant Dean, Grants Management)


Erin Ryan (Senior Grants Administrator)


Jean Daley (Manager, Research Administration)
Linda Martin (Associate Dean)


Marianne Taylor (Senior Grants Administrator)


Diane Baldwin (Associate Vice President)
Renna Lilly (Director, Pre-Award Services)


Gretchen Hartigan (Assistant Vice President)
Gillian Emmons (Comptroller)

Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research

Kevin Gonzales
Maura Monahan (Research Administration and Finance Manager)

Staffed By

Suzanne Rocha (Senior Research Administrator, SP)
Casey DeMarsico (Research Reporting & Data Analyst, SP)