Many applications submitted to federal agencies rely on collaborations with investigators from outside organizations. An agreement to collaborate, also known as a subaward agreement, must to be established at the time of proposal submission.

Subawards are complex, legal documents that require careful consideration during proposal development, award setup, and award closeout. Learn more below, or reach out to your Sponsored Programs Research Administrator with any questions.

Your Outgoing Subaward Status


Subaward Basics

Subaward Process

FAQs from Department Administrators

Key Takeaways

  • Reach out to your SP Pre-Award Research Administrator with any sub-agreement questions.
  • Reach out to your SP Post-Award Research Administrator to confirm final balance with sub-recipient.
  • Don’t worry – if your set-up budget contained subaward funds, the action has been kicked off.
  • Subaward actions go on hold until the sub team has all proper proposal/budget documentation, so send those documents to your SP Pre- RA ASAP if they weren’t part of the original proposal.
  • We need a corresponding budget for every subaward action that includes not-originally-proposed funding, even if it’s just a $100 supplement.
  • All carryforward approvals need a corresponding budget.
  • Expect your sub to be executed about 60 business days after you get an AN.
  • Department should ensure invoices are sent directly to