BU Environmental Health & Safety (EHSEnvironmental Health & Safety) helps ensure compliance and safety by conducting inspections and evaluations, providing training, and implementing various programs for laboratories across the BU campus and BMC. This page contains links to key resources from EHS of relevance to the BU research community.

Lab Safety Resources

Extensive information about laboratory safety is available on the EHS website, including resources on the following:

EHS Website


Lab Safety Training & Tools

EHS offers trainings on research safety, medical physics and radiation safety, campus and clinical safety, controlled substances, environmental and waste management, and emergency management. They also train lab safety coordinators and oversee BU’s lab management system, BioRAFT.

EHS Trainings


Laboratory Safety Committee

BU’s Laboratory Safety Committee (LSCLaboratory Safety Committee) provides guidance and administrative oversight of environmental health and safety in BU’s academic research and teaching laboratories. 

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