Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs) are used when an industry sponsor funds a specific research project for a defined time period and in return receives certain deliverables such as research data, reports, and certain rights to intellectual and tangible property. Joint publications are not anticipated in straight Sponsored Research Agreements.

To initiate negotiation and review of an SRA, please contact the industry contracting group at industry@bu.edu. An industry contracting team member will confirm receipt of your request and follow up to initiate the negotiation and review process.

Prior to the industry contracting group reviewing a SRA, please complete the following required forms:

The industry contracting group also requires the following documents to review a SRA:

  • Budget
  • Statement of Work

When SRA terms have been finalized by an industry contracting team member, the agreement will be circulated for signature. Once the agreement has been fully executed (signed by all parties), a PDF copy will be provided to the PIPrincipal Investigator View Boston University's policy on....