Whether basic research is your true passion or you’re just getting started with your idea at a fundamental level, one path to impact is through publication. A seminal publication can drive scientific theories forward and fuel technological innovation.

Getting Started

Chances are that you’re already doing basic researchpracticing your art! Reach out to the Technology Development office to learn how we can help you make your work more impactful for the populations, geographies, industries, and markets you’re researching. This could include:

  • Participating in the NSF-funded Spark Program, designed to make researchers’ work more impactful
  • Working with Technology Development to identify potential intellectual property (patent, copyright) associated with a publication
  • Generating a list of conferences or events where you’d like to present
  • Generating a list of journals to target
  • Brainstorming a list of other paths to impact this publication could catalyze

Sample Plan

Download this Excel document if you would like a detailed set of actions to refer to as you consider your next steps.

Download in Excel

Contact OTD

Life SciencesNevena Dimova, Business Developmentndimova@bu.edu or 617-353-4567
Life SciencesThomas McMurry, Business Developmenttmcmurry@bu.edu or 617-358-4550
Medical TechnologyFrances Forrester, Business Developmentfmf@bu.edu or 617-358-6911
Engineering & Physical SciencesMisty Farrell-Pennington, Business Developmentmfpenn@bu.edu or 617-358-3795
General EntrepreneurshipRana K. Gupta, Faculty Entrepreneurshiprkgupta@bu.edu or 617-353-0606
OtherMike Pratt, Managing Directormpratt@bu.edu or 617-353-4569


     Building a Network

    Intellectual Property Primer