The Journey to Impact: Extending Care and Therapy for Stroke Patients

January 25th, 2022

As part of our series of discussions with faculty innovators, I speak with Professor Swathi Kiran, James and Cecilia Tse Ying Professor of Neurorehabilitation, Sargent College. Professor Kiraan has led a successful journey from research to the creation of a company that helps people build back cognitive, speech, and language... More

Journey to Impact: Advice and Entrepreneurship

December 8th, 2021

An entrepreneur friend called me recently to ask for my advice. She started a company two years ago, on her own. It’s growing, fast. She needs cash to meet demand. She found a group of Angel investors, knowledgeable in her field and wanting to invest $XXX,000. They want YY% of the company, but she wants to give away only ZZ% of the company (where ZMore

The Journey to Impact: SRAs and Commercialization have a Misrepresented Relationship

November 29th, 2021

The Journey to Impact is a monthly blog featuring insights from Rana K. Gupta, Director of Faculty Entrepreneurship at Boston University. He helps BU researchers bring technology and other research breakthroughs to the marketplace to increase their impact through programs and workshops, one-on-one consulting with faculty, educational resources, and community building... More

The Journey to Impact: Equity Investors and Updates

November 3rd, 2021

This fall we launched a new program titled "Invasion of the Equity Investors." I specifically named the investors "equity investors" to ensure there’s no mistake about the nature of the transaction in the offing. Equity investors (Angels and venture capitalists) purchase shares in your company in return for cash. The ‘"invasion" was chosen to attract attention, or perhaps make you smile. They are one source of funding. There are many, many additional and alternative forms of funding besides equity (click here for a posted presentation on the subject), but that’s a conversation for another day. We had three investors scheduled thus far this semester. One more will listen to pitches on November 4. We’ll be inviting more next semester. More

Journey to Impact: New Resources, Events, and Opportunities

October 13th, 2021

Here’s a misunderstood word: commercialization. The University of Pittsburgh offers a straightforward definition: “Commercialization is the process by which a new product or service is introduced into the general market.” That’s it. Too often, commercialization is misunderstood to mean “sales and marketing.” Those tasks are components of commercialization; they are not synonymous with the word. I suppose it’s because commerce is the root of commercialization so people’s minds go right to the transaction side of business (sales and marketing). More

Want Wider Recognition for Your Idea? Ignition Awards Offer More Than Funding

August 30th, 2021

Let’s start by making one thing clear: the Ignition Awards are not your average grant awards. In fact, we don’t even think of them as grants. Why not?  Well, traditional grants provide funding; not funding in addition to training workshops, network-building, and practitioner feedback. Other grants are given to recipients to help finance promising ideas, but with little or no interaction with experts in the very fields where those ideas could take hold! And more conventional grants may help pay for your research, but they don’t get you any closer to understanding how your idea can make an impact in the world; how it might be commercialized. More

The Journey to Impact: How to Filter “Expert” Advice

August 4th, 2021

We are surrounded by the media, startup challenges, business competitions, presentations from “experts,” panels, business books, articles with advice and so on—all determined to help us bring our ideas to market, start a company, make money and MORE. More

The Journey to Impact: People Over Ideas

July 15th, 2021

We have an over-tendency to talk about ideas—cool ideas, and then prematurely label them innovative or disruptive. But when you think about change and impact, think about the people behind the ideas. More