The Scientific Diving and Small Boat Safety Committee (SDSB-SC) at Boston University oversees diving and boating performed as a necessary component of research or educational activity by faculty, students, and other employees involved in research. The SDSB-SC fulfills the role of the Diving Control Board (DCB) described in the BU Scientific Diving Safety Manual and the role of the SD-SBSC described in the BU Small Boat Safety Manual.

The Scientific Diving & Small Boat Safety program is cross-disciplinary and applies to any academic / scientific research activity such as:

  • Engineering
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
  • Physical Education
  • Earth Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Marine Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences

Committee Members

The SDSB-SC is comprised of faculty, trainees, and staff members from academic departments involved in scientific diving and small boat operations. The committee also includes members from the Environmental Health & Safety Department (EHS), Risk Management, and International Programs. Committee representatives are appointed by the Associate Vice President of Research Compliance.


  • Pete Buston, Ph.D. (Chairperson, Associate Professor of Biology)
  • Kevin Tuohey (Executive Director, Research Compliance)
  • Wally Fulweiler, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Earth and Environment and Biology)
  • Narineh Nazarian (Dive Safety Officer)
  • Randi Rotjan, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Biology)
  • Sarah Davies (Assistant Professor of Biology)

For information about Dive Safety Committee membership, please contact


The SDSB-SC has provided guidance on Snorkeling in the BU Snorkeling Standards.


Boating does not require a strict training or authorization process at BU, but small boat operations involve certain risks that must be addressed prior to beginning any field work. For assistance, the SDSB-SC has provided guidance in the BU Small Boat Safety Manual .

Float Plans

As outlined in the BU Small Boat Safety Manual, any research projects involving boating require submission of Float Plans for proposed boating excursions, which must be approved by the Dive Safety Officer in advance. Float Plans should be submitted to



For general inquiries about Scientific Diving Safety, and for all submissions of Dive Plans, Dive Logs, and other program documentation, the best contact is the DiveSafe email account.


Research Occupational Health Program

Additionally, the Boston University Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP) provides prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses for the employees of Boston University in compliance with OSHA, CDC, and other regulatory requirements. ROHP can be accessed by visiting the Research Occupational Health Program page, by emailing, or by calling 617-414-ROHP (7647).

For further information on scientific and commercial diving, please visit the following links:

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