BU IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee IACUC oversee... Approved October 2008, Reviewed January 2014, Reviewed July 2019

Thioglycollate induction of activated macrophages and granulocytes in mice

Mice will be injected intraperitoneally with ≤3 ml of sterile thioglycollate medium (3% w/v of an autoclaved stock prepared from dehydrated thioglycollate medium and water; 2–3 ml for mice that are ≥2 months old; 1-1.5 ml for mice that are <2 months old. The mice will be euthanized for recovery of peritoneal inflammatory cells at various time points following injection.Leukocytes will accumulate rapidly in normal mice in response to the injection and large numbers of cells can be recovered after 24-48 hours. Some strains may require up to 4 days to produce adequate numbers of cells, so the study will last 1 to 4 days post-injection, after which animals are euthanized. The procedure can be used as a means to recover activated inflammatory leukocytes from mice or it can be used as an analytical procedure to compare rates of leukocyte accumulation in different strains of mice.The treated mice must be monitored on a daily basis for signs of discomfort. Signs of discomfort would include hunched posture, ruffled fur, and lack of movement around the cage. The body condition score index must also be used to evaluate the welfare of the mice. If the mice show signs of discomfort, or a BCS <2, they must be euthanized.