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From Lab to Fab: How Analog Devices is Experimenting with a New Family of Products at BU

  BY GARY RIVLIN Mohamed Azize, a biomedical engineer and a senior manager at Analog Devices, the giant chip maker, had an idea for a new biomedical sensor that would improve home-testing for viruses. And he knew exactly where he wanted to set up a laboratory. In 2009, Azize had visited the Boston University Photonics […]

The Journey to Impact: Inventor’s Dilemma

OK, here’s Part II of one (of many) dilemma(s) inventors face. The scenario: while talking with a corporation about your invention (discovery) they ask, “how does it work?” Last month I addressed the larger context of the conversation. I offered (I hope) a perspective about the nature of the conversation and the two parties engaged […]

The Journey to Impact: Watch Your Language

Are you working on an idea to impact a customer, audience, or market? (Since we have policy people in the audience whose “market” is the government, let’s define “market” as the audience you wish to adopt your idea.) Whether you plan to start a company, license to a third party, or collaborate with the government […]

The Innovator’s Quarterly: Advice from Experts for Aspiring Academic Innovators

April 2022 | News from BU Industry Engagement and Technology Development Spotlight Photonics Pioneer Named BU Innovator of the Year Professor Selim Ünlü, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ENG), has pioneered devices and technologies that find security flaws in the construction of computer chips and detect viral pathogens in medical samples. Ünlü holds 18 patents and […]

The Innovator’s Quarterly: How BU’s NEIDL Increased Industry Support Fourfold

November 2021 | News from BU Industry Engagement and Technology Development Spotlight Microbiologist Robert Davey and his team research the novel coronavirus wearing full biocontainment suits in the highest possible containment setting, the Biosafety Level 4 lab at BU’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL). How BU’s NEIDL Increased Industry Support Four-Fold In 2020, NEIDL […]