Limited Submission Funding Opportunity: Pew Biomedical Scholars



The program supports young investigators of outstanding promise in science relevant to the advancement of human health. This program does not fund clinical trials research. Strong proposals will incorporate particularly creative and pioneering approaches to basic, translational, and applied biomedical research. Candidates whose work is based on biomedical principles but who bring in concepts and theories from more diverse fields are encouraged to apply.

Ideas with the potential to produce an unusually high impact are encouraged. Selection of the successful candidates will be based on a detailed description of the work that the applicant proposes to undertake, evaluations of the candidate’s performance, and notable past accomplishments, including honors, awards, and publications. In evaluating the candidates, the National Advisory Committee gives considerable weight to evidence that the candidate is a successful independent investigator and has published significant work.

FUNDING INFORMATION: up to $300,000 over four years; not more than 8 percent ($24,000) of the total award value may be allocated for facilities and administration (F&A) charges or indirect costs (IDCs).


Candidates must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Hold a doctorate in biomedical sciences, medicine, or a related field, including engineering or the physical sciences.
  • As of Sept. 7, 2023, run an independent lab and hold a full-time appointment at the rank of assistant professor. (Appointments such as research assistant professor, adjunct assistant professor, assistant professor research track, visiting professor, or instructor are not eligible).
  • Must nothave been appointed as an assistant professor at any institution prior to June 12, 2019, whether or not such an appointment was on a tenure track. Time spent in clinical internships, residencies, in work toward board certification, or on parental leave does not count as part of this four-year limit. Candidates who need an exception on the four-year limit should contact Pew’s program office to ensure that application reviewers are aware an exception has been given.
  • May apply to the program a maximum of two times. All applicants must be nominated by their institution and must complete the 2024 online application.
  • If applicants have appointments at more than one eligible nominating institution or affiliate, they may not reapply in a subsequent year from a different nominating entity.
  • May not be nominated for the Pew Scholars Program and the Pew-Stewart Scholars Program for Cancer Research in the same year.


Interested investigators should submit the following materials via InfoReady Review by DATE: 4/14/2023

  • Questions outlined in InfoReady Review application;
  • A brief statement (up to 2 pages) by the candidate describing their scientific achievements and the proposed project;
  • Up-to-date CV or biosketch;
  • A brief budget overview for the proposed project.

A faculty committee drawn from both campuses will review internal proposals and select nominees. Foundation Relations will work with the nominees to develop and submit the institutional nomination letter and applicant materials by 5/17/2023. Once selected, the nominee will have an option of participating in an internal mock review that will include past recipients of this award.

Internal Materials Due: Friday, April 14, 2023
Sponsor Deadline: Wednesday, May 17, 2023