Boston University recognizes the importance and value of its critical research materials and is committed to their effective storage and management. As part of that commitment, we are asking all research groups for their candid and prompt participation in a survey regarding Ultra-Cold (“Minus 80”) freezers. Please coordinate with the members of your laboratory to determine who is best positioned to provide a response.

Please complete our Freezer Asset Protection Survey by no later than Friday, March 5. Responses will be used to assess current freezer usage and security across the University.

We value our research community and the vital work that you perform every day. Please help us to ensure the continuity of that work by partnering with us in this initiative. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Learn More About Freezer Failure

Freezer failure is one of the most common adverse events at universities and can ruin irreplaceable samples, disrupt vital research, and place grant funding at risk. In recent years, our peers have experienced significant research losses stemming from freezer mechanical or monitoring failures. Ultra-cold freezers (or “Minus 80s”) in particular store many of the critical research materials on campus and, as our research community grows, the risk of potential loss increases in likelihood and severity. A significant freezer failure incident may have serious and far-reaching impact on our students and faculty members, as well as industry partners, patients, and the community at large.

Learn more about safe and effective freezer storage on the Research Support website.

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