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The Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Office (IBRO) facilitates new and current areas of interdisciplinary biomedical research by supporting strategic and faculty-driven initiatives that stimulate existing and new biomedical research and training across the Charles River and Medical campuses of BU. Funding is available to jump start and support faculty-initiated Affinity Research Collaboratives (ARCs) as well as strategically planned programs involving biomedical, physical and/or engineering sciences and teams.

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Why focus on Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research?

While we have made great strides in fostering interdisciplinary research at BU, in some areas discovery has been limited by the bounded nature of traditional structures. Advanced research and discovery mandate effective integration of physical and life sciences and disciplines, as well as development of platforms that facilitate cross-discipline collaboration. Often, the potential of integrative approaches and discovery is lost when the burden of identifying collaborators or expertise out of a knowledge-based comfort zone is solely left to individual investigators.

The extraordinary strengths in the biomedical, life, and physical sciences at Boston University and the remarkable collaborative environment combine to create an opportunity for new interdisciplinary approaches to both research and training. Boston University’s Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Office integrates the lessons learned from the Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ECIBR) and has created a strategic partnership between BU, Department of Medicine and the Center for Translational Science Institute (CTSI) to catalyze interdisciplinary research.