On-campus Success Stories

The story of BU research is filled with tales of dramatic discoveries, successful commercial application, and life-changing breakthroughs. Here are just a few.

Center for Biophotonic Sensors & Systems

This partnership with UC, Davis harnesses the power of light to advance detection, sensing, identification, and understanding of biological properties, conditions, or changes at the molecular, cellular, and sub-cellular level. We expect this to produce significant commercial opportunities in disease diagnosis, drug efficacy testing, patient drug effectiveness monitoring, and food and water safety. Active industry participation is key and University researchers work hand-in-hand with industry at all stages.

Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI)

Launched in 2010, CTI provides opportunities to advance research programs from the lab to the clinic, supported by Pfizer technologies, libraries, financial resources, and a local lab in Boston. A key aspect is the program’s local centers in biomedical research hubs where Pfizer scientists and academic investigators work side-by-side in the lab, sharing their understanding of target biology and translational medicine expertise. This represents a significant departure from the traditional lengthy and linear process of target discovery to eventual drug development.

Pfizer funds pre-clinical and clinical development programs and offers equitable intellectual property and and ownership rights. Pfizer also provides access to antibody libraries, Pfizer compound libraries, proprietary screening methods, antibody development technologies, and a wealth of dedicated resources and support from experts in drug development and protein sciences.

The ultimate goal of each project is to validate a drug candidate that can be moved into further clinical testing.

Mass Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC)

MGHPCC is a data center dedicated to supporting the growing needs of five of Massachusetts’ most research-intensive institutions: Boston University, Harvard University, MIT, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts. With the increasing role of integrated computation in fundamental and applied research, this critical piece of infrastructure will help Massachusetts maintain its world-leading innovation economy through cooperative research, education, and outreach.

VetChange, BU School of Public Health

For an estimated 300,000 recent combat veterans, excessive alcohol consumption and PTSD are major barriers to successful re-integration into their families and communities. VetChange, the first national program of its kind, helps veterans reduce their unhealthy drinking and PTSD symptoms by allowing them to self-assess and -measure; develop a plan for coping with alcohol triggers; receive and review tailored support messages; and, in partner communities, get additional support from trained peer volunteers and professional counselors. VetChange was developed by BU School of Public Health with a $1.05 million grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation.

Abbott Fund Institute of Nutrition Science, BU School of Medicine

Since 2010, the Department of Family Medicine at the BU School of Medicine has partnered with the Abbott Fund in a $3.5 million effort to advance clinical nutrition in Vietnam. The Department has worked for more than a decade to build the capacity of Vietnam’s primary health care system by establishing teacher training programs in the country’s leading academic medical centers and hospitals. The BU-Abbott partnership builds on that work through training of physicians, nurses and dietitians, integrating nutrition training into local medical school curricula, establishing self-sustaining in-country research programs, and developing standardized nutritional guidelines.