Partners in Knowledge Industry & Corporations

Make the cutting edge your competitive edge

Tap into broad expertise that can add value to your R&D and give you an intellectual competitive edge. Researchers at BU collaborate with professionals at local and national corporations to turn ideas into reality. Our more than 3,000 faculty in 300+ programs of study are known for their creative, interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

What makes a successful research partnership?

Success comes when both parties achieve more together than they could on their own. So we’ll work with you to define terms and conditions for mutually effective projects.

We understand that it is important for you to advance your business goals. And we’re committed to identifying faculty experts and research models that can help you obtain new solutions and new strategies for your business. In return, we seek partners who can help expand the impact of our research. Who challenge our intellectual curiosity and work with us to meet society’s biggest challenges.

Getting Started

Just contact our Industry Engagement office. They’ll schedule an introductory call or meeting for you to discuss your interests and identify faculty experts whose expertise aligns with your goals. Then, you can schedule a visit to campus to meet those experts and other staff who can support your work.